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Posted by kidlidar

I am NOT taking sides here, but was the groping, harassment, reported to staff?  If it was already said here and I missed it, I apologize.  It seems to me that the staff would be quick to eject someone if there was a complaint of that nature.  Did that happen? or are you saying that the incident(s) were reported to staff and nothing was done.

Posted by rodoubleb deltafox65

deltafox65 wrote:
rodoubleb wrote:
I'm going to try to bow out for now on a positive note to deltafox65.I do not want to seem like I am piling on here or anything because it does sound and appear that maybe you have had a very much different experience in the State of Indiana than I have had.  So it would be irresponsible of me to equate the two, my life experiences to yours.
Thank you for not wanting to pile on.  My personal experience is actually pretty good.  I'm a straight white male.  The experience of some, and hopefully a small number, of not straight white males is what could use improvement in my singular opinion.  
I will just redouble my efforts as an individual to interact with others and present the Hoosier Hospitality attitude that our State is famous for. 
Thanks, that's awesome. 
So in this case it does sadden me that a few individuals uncouth actions have soured not only you but potentially an entire gaming company (ConTessa) on our great State.
While I was soured way before Contessa reported these problems,  I will take that as a show of solidarity.  
Hopefully you have the chance to interact with more individuals from Indiana in the future that have the same love of gaming as you and can exhibit more kindness toward others so one day you can be a proud Hoosier.
I'll buy you a drink or a soda next year, if you will accept.  For real.  So we can do that.
But even if that moment does not happen I hope you are able to continuing gaming and feel safe in the gaming community, because as you stated in your twitter exchange with ConTessa, no one should be able to force others out of such an amazing hobby as gaming.
As long as we can agree that racism, homophobia, groping, stalking, harassing, or even sucker punching are reasons to exclude someone  Then we can have that drink, if you accept. 
Definitely can agree that an individual's actions should be held accountable to that individual alone and not to a group that they may be a part of (whether that group be Hoosiers, Gamers, or even Humanity itself)(just kidding).  But as you said if that individual has an attitude that excludes others based off of anything other than their personal actions they should be ostracized by the community.  But my form of ostracization may be a little different.  I believe in educating through acts of kindness and believe most people when given the chance to be decent will be decent and just exude hatred because of ignorance.  So in short I will accept that drink and maybe we can discuss the best options to promote kindness to one another.  It is the Hoosier Way.(not trolling with that line, just can't help myself sometime) 

Not trolling, but it's a little corny (bad Indiana joke there).   I'll send you a direct message down the road, when I figure out how to do that.  

Posted by roderick

First, copy the name of the person you want to send the message to (frex: "rodoubleb"). 

Then rest your cursor on your name & ID number at the op of the page. A list of options will drop down, click on "My Messages". 

Click on "New Conversation".

Type in the Subject, paste the person's name, and type away!

Posted by dante25 rodoubleb

rodoubleb wrote:
I think they also provide a safe place, in a world that can be terribly intolerant. 

I was reading this thread and disappointed that someone doesn't want to return to Gen Con. However, the more I read, the more the situation isn't as simple as certain people report it to be, and I think readers of this thread deserve more information on the matter, especially since they are being asked for donations.

rodoubleb posted about "intolerance." And posted Gen Con's discrimination policy. It looks like ConTessa is doing the discriminating, as well as pushing their political agenda and discrimination at conventions that should be about fun and inclusion.

ConTessa's twitter has recent tweets about mansplaining, bringing "pride" flags to Gen Con, and a picture of a Black Lives Matter flag across a convention gaming table. Politics, Politics, Politics.

And from ConTessa's website:
"ConTessa is a gaming organization dedicated to making tabletop gaming spaces more diverse by bringing minority-led events to conventions both virtual and in-person."

"We often use the terms ‘marginalized’ and ‘minority’ to describe who is appropriate to lead a ConTessa event. These are catch-all terms meant to describe who we’re looking for without building a giant list of identities. By and large, these terms presently apply to women, people of color, queer people, and disabled people. 

Unless otherwise specified, all events marked as ‘ConTessa’ are open to leadership by anyone considered marginalized. Events marked ‘ConTessa Women’, ‘ConTessans of Color’, and ‘QueerTessa’, however, are limited in leadership to those who fit within those groups."

ConTessa discriminates against people and then segregates people even more into sub-groups based on gender, race, and orientation. If other people did that, they'd be called all sorts of words ending in "ist" and "phobe."

rodoubleb made this thread to promote donations for a person/group who discriminates against and excludes people based on race and gender.  There's nothing tolerant or inclusive about that.

Posted by rodoubleb

My apologies to all the white males who feel marginalized or unsafe at Gencon. 

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