Best Android Action Games For Lovers of Fast-paced Action

Shadow Fight 2

The Shadow Fight 2 arcade fighting game is the successor of the wildly popular Shadow Fight game that that first aired on Facebook in 2011. This action game takes its style from the mighty samurai warriors of Japan.
Shadow Fight 2 allows the player to make combo attacks to defeat the enemy and become the most powerful warrior in the world. The energy of the character is limited, so players will have to wait for recovery or buy more upgrades from the store in the game.

In addition, players can customize a variety of weapons, and armor, giving a new style and never making for dull characters. Particular developers have also improved the game's interface, providing maximum support for touch operations. 

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Animelee is a game in the genre of resistance games, with extremely harsh gameplay. The main characters are animals with extraordinary strength to confront each other. Players have to decide to collect each animal for themselves and participate in tense battles, fighting with a series of other characters.

Each animal will have different skills and characteristics, for example,  fleas have speed, and crocodiles seems slow but have very powerful blows.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

Godfire: Rise of the Prometheus is a mobile game in the action-adventure genre. In the game, we will control Prometheus with the D-pad displayed on the screen and by touching the icons to attack or defend. Fighting with enemies that appear in the middle of the line, our gods can create beautiful combos to end rivals with low HP.
After defeating the monsters blocking the path, there will be light spots that will help us recover some of the lost or absorbed blood from Rage. When this Rage meter is full, you can activate it to make Prometheus’ attacks become much more powerful.
Gangstar Vegas

Basically, this is a sandbox game that combines Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row. The sandbox type game has a lot of quests and exciting races for the player.

The central character is a gangster who is making his adventures on the streets of Las Vegas, USA. More than 80 missions waiting for him, and a super exciting storyline that always leads the player from surprise to surprise, you won’t be disappointed when playing. You can use a variety of weapons provided in the game, as well as upgrade them to have higher power and excellent sounds which also contribute to the game.

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ChronoBlade was originally a Facebook game that was released by nWay, the developer of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. ChronoBlade is an action role-playing game with horizontal side-scrolling gameplay.

Having been very successful on Facebook, ChronoBlade received the investment from  Netmarble to be on the move.

ChronoBlade leads players into a vast universe of life-threatening battles where gamers will be given a series of specific missions to protect their asteroid. The game uses the side-scrolling hack-n-slash feature, which challenges players to kill enemies with combo-powered systems, special abilities, or destructive weapons.


Participating in the Stormblades, the player will have to play a young soldier and defeat the powerful Guardians of the Wild. Once you have overcome the challenge, your character will have the opportunity to release the hidden power from the god sword.

Compared to Infinity Blade, which is another hit-and-miss game, Stormblades has slightly less controllable controls. Players must use touch and swipe to move, dodge and use combat skills. Another annoying point is that the game has no buttons, and this makes fighting a bit difficult. However, it's the annoying point of the player's reflexes when you have to base the right time for the opponent to hit the attack button. If successful, this will cause you to counter the attack, and your opponent will be stunned for a few seconds.

Injustice is one of a series of action games that impresses those who play handheld games. To date, when the game has officially reached the Android mobile platform, Injustice: Gods Among Us is more attractive players.
The latest version, titled God Among Us, evokes a scene that is like the world of superheroes. The game allows you to choose characters such as Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern and of course with most of their opponents. The objective of the player is to strike the opponent and win. The game has a variety of gameplay modes, featuring upgrades, collecting DC Comics icons to adding skills and strength.

Particularly impressive graphics in the game are the point that makes it always hit the 5-star rating on the Google Play Store.

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EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC is a fighting game based around the world's largest Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). EA released it on the mobile platform at the end of April 2015 after landing on PS4, Xbox One in mid-2014. EA Sports UFC brings players into the tournament that gathers many famous martial arts such as Muay Thai, Karate, Judo and BJJ.

In this mobile game, players will take on the role of a martial artist to seek glory by applying various fighting techniques, and defeating all the opponents in the ring. With catchy gameplay and realistic graphics, EA Sports UFC is a quality fighting game, which will make the player’s eyes water with all its features.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 will continue the unfinished story of Dungeon Hunter 4. Surely the player has guessed that part of his mission will be to begin the journey among the ruins of the kingdom of Valenthia.

In part 5, the gamer not only plays a bounty hunter returning from the battle with the devil but also earns a high position in the organization, assuming great responsibility as a heroic rescuer. Possessing a clear, coherent plot, Dungeon Hunter 5 leads the gamer into a mythical fantasy world with monster hunts, hard-hitting chases, and powerful bosses. Still being a free-to-play game, Dungeon Hunter 5 is bold and emphasizes the slash "Diablo-style". During the gameplay experience, this mobile game is as good as what Gameloft has described, with much customizable gameplay and HD graphics.