X-Wing Tournament?
Posted by sgt engee

So I'm attending GenCon for the firs time this year, and was looking to see if there was going to be an X-Wing tournament since FFG hosted one last year. I'm not seeing anything official from FFG in regards to a tournament. Does anyone know if there is going to be a tournament (FFG or otherwise) run and if so where can I find the details?

Posted by derekguder

Event details won't be released until late April - event submission just closed, so we need time to go through everything.

There will definitely be plenty of X-Wing, you can count on that, at least.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by nolasuperman

If it’s like it was last year, FFG ran the North American Championship at Gencon with a day 1 qualifier on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday morning, they did day 2 of the qualifier that determined the top cut of the finals, which was held Saturday night. They ran multiple hanger bay tournaments on Saturday and Sunday. They also did an epic tournament on Saturday. FFG didn’t post anything about the tournament on their site until, I want to say, June or maybe even July.

I wouldn’t expect to see what FFG says they are doing xwing-wise before then, as Regionals are just finishing, the seasonal tournaments are about to start and I think we’ll see info about Worlds and maybe even a store championship season before they officially say what they’re doing at Gencon.

Now, when the Gencon event schedule goes up in May, all of the Xwing tournaments will be listed with the whens, wheres and ticket costs. We just won’t know the prize support is until the FFG post. 

That’s also just the official FFG xwing stuff. There were a lot of gaming clubs that ran their own events that ranged from standard tournaments, special list design tournaments, narrative events, and special scenarios (Death Star trench run, attacking a star destroyer, etc.).

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