LoC RPG will be running two awesome workshops for players this year! Our workshops are not seminars: you will be able to come in with nothing and leave with something. Our hands-on approach is super fun, and works for experienced players as well as people just getting started.We are running Character Building. In just two hours, we will guide you through the process of creating a brand new character, and help you flesh it out to create an interesting, dynamic, and exciting character for any campaign.Next is Nordic LARP 101. Maybe you've been playing boffer LARP for a long time and want to test the waters, or perhaps you're planning on hitting up some LARPs for the first time. Regardless of your level of experience, this workshop will help you get into character, and learn the basics of consent based storytelling.RPG Workshop: Build a Character
Location: Embassy Suites :: Ambassador II
Sat 4pm-6pm
Max Players: 30 
Learn how to build characters that grow and change with the challenges thrown at them. Starting with broad strokes, refine and learn to bring characters to multiple worlds. Leave with a fully fleshed out character concept!​Nordic LARP 101
Location: Lucas Oil :: Mtg Rm 12
Sat 5pm-7pm
Max Players: 30
Interested in getting started in Nordic-style LARP? We’ll be going over the basics in this interactive workshop, covering topics like consent, inclusivity, and how to navigate a world where everything you decide is true may well be, with special focus on how to create plot for your character.