Wish list limitations
Posted by koalabro2

Hi folks,

Two questions about wishlists. First, does anyone know how long the list can be? I hit the limit last year (lots of True Dungeon sessions backing each other up), and want to try to keep the limit in mind this year. I'm thinking maybe the limit was 40 events?

Second, I assume there's no better way to fill out a wishlist than to search for events one by one? Since I do all my planning using the Excel file, it'd sure make it easier if I could just upload a properly formatted CSV file at the end or something. Just checking if anyone's aware of any way to do something like that.

Posted by derekguder

The limit is 50 items.

There is no way to automatically generate or upload a wish list. The only way to build it is from each event's details page.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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