Gen Con 2018 event registration is just around the corner! The Shuttle Tydirium X-Wing podcast will be running a slew of non-tournament format events this year. If you're planning to attend Gen Con this year, be sure to check us out! Here are some useful links, and a quick rundown of the events we'll be running:

ST GEN CON 2018 events + schedule - this will be filling out with more details the closer we get to Gen Con. Grayskull in particular is in the process of an update.

Event rundown:
Assault on Grayskull Base: Shuttle Tydirium's premier narrative event. Ruthlessly thematic, original, battle-tested scenarios are played over 4 rounds of play, spread across three days of Gen Con. You can play for as many or as few of those missions as you like, depending on your interest and schedule - but if you are gunning for one of our top awards, you'll want to play in all 4 missions! We have great prize support this year, including (among others) a slew of awesome terrain pieces from Combatzone Scenery, playmats from Mats by Mars and gift certificates to Miniature Market! This event is great if you're looking for a game of X-wing that makes you feel like you're a squadron commander fighting an epic battle in the Star Wars universe we all know and love. If you're thinking about playing, or just like a good story, check out our audiodrama, which sets the stage for the narrative event!

Imperial Star Destroyer: Speaking of epic battles, this is the definition of an epic scenario. In this event, players take command of Rebels attacking a star destroyer, or Imperials defending it - plus, one Imperial player gets to control the ISD itself! This mission is full of awesome thematic details, and the balance is spot-on. Do yourself a favor and sign up for one of these sessions!

Trench Run: A memorable mission that puts you into the thick of the classic film’s climatic moments. Can you bullseye a womp rat and lead the Rebels to victory or can you defend the ultimate peacemaker and crush the rebellion with one swift stroke?

HotAC: We'll be running a number of game sessions of Heroes of the Aturi cluster, the well-known and beloved co-op campaign for X-wing!

MarioKart: One of the zanier X-wing variants out there, MarioKart is a racing game played out with X-wing ships and rules on special raceway maps. We've been honing this event for a while and it is great for fast-paced, easygoing fun!

TRON Wing: Just like in the movie TRON, you need to maneuver your ship such that the templates left trailing behind will obstruct the movement of your opponents. Last ship standing is victorious!

Hunger Games: One of the best-known variants of X-wing, this is a chaotic free-for-all. Players collect upgrades, make and break alliances, and above all destroy each other in this bloody X-wing variant.

B-Team Tournament: Tired of [INSERT OBNOXIOUS META BUILD HERE]? Then this event may be for you. We've put together a ban list designed to knock the legs out from under the standard metagame. If you think you're a hotshot pilot, list builder, or just want to see something different on the table, then you should check this out!

Ship Brawl: Remember those epic ships you bought for the upgrades, or because they were cool, but then never really played with? We've got bins full of them and we're going to play with them, dag-nabbit. This variant pits huge ships against each other in direct battle; no small or large ships allowed. Feel free to bring your own ships if you want to, but most people don't like to haul those things across the country, so we supply them for this event.

Epic Event: Speaking of those Epics you bought – if you’ve been using them for Epic battles, we’ve got the Event for you. Bring them to our little Epic Event. Prizes will be awarded at the completion of the event based on MOV. If you don’t have an Epic ship but want to give the Epic format a try, a limited number of Epic ships will be available to add to your squad of small and/or large ships.

In any case, if you're at Gen Con, please drop by and say hello! We're affiliated with the 19&One gaming group, and you can find us in the Lucas Oil stadium. We hope to see you!