Artist Events: Are there any?
Posted by deathscythe75

Hi, I've been looking through the catalog for any artist seminars, breaking into the industry, etc. I saw there was a "Becoming a Tabletop Illustrator" seminar Thursday at 5, but are there any other events along those lines this year? The seminars seemed pretty sparse in the artist department, and I want to know if my tired eyes just missed something.

For instance, last year there was a panel about how to create a professional portfolio, and it had several major people from the industry giving advice.

Is there anything along those lines this year? Or are any of the show artists giving talks?

Thank you!

Posted by jeannette

Last year Gen Con had an Artist Guest of Honor (Donato Giancola) who hosted the "Artists: Marketing Your Portfolio For Success" event. This year we are featuring three artists instead of having one GOH, they are not hosting any events at this time.

Gen Con doesn't typically curate artist events, other than that of the GOH. It is possible that companies may offer some seminars on the subject but if you can't find any events then no events have been submitted at present. 

Jeannette LeGault
Gen Con LLC

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