Multiple Tickets to same event?
Posted by cinnibar

When I go to my Home Page, it shows I have 2 tickets for many events now (2 in last column except a couple where it says 1).  When I click on the event, it shows checkboxes for myself and 'another one for me', this was originally just Myself. 

My friend and I both went through our wishlists and copied to each other as good practice.  Now I have a set of my tickets being sent to him according to Packets.  It certainly seems like the wishlist system broke down and processed both our lists ignoring time conflicts...meaning both of us will have unwanted system credit when we sort it out.

Anyone confirm this happened to others?  Is there another explanation?  


Posted by roderick

Send a note to [email protected] with details and they'll help you sort it out. 

Roderick Robertson
Forum Coordinator 
Gen Con, LLC. 

Posted by marimaccadmin

Hi Cinnabar,

I may be misunderstanding you, but I think I see what happened.

You and your friend both wanted a ticket to the same event.

So, you each said, on your wish list, get a ticket for me, and get a ticket for my friend.  Right?

Ok so, I think what you have to remember is that, for most events, a badge holder can purchase two tickets

And it sounds like you both had a successful wishlist.

So, the system obtained one ticket for you, and one ticket for your friend.

When your friend's wish list processed, even though you had a ticket already, you badge can hold two tickets, so one was added.  Similarly, he already had a ticket from you, but, his badge can hold two, so he was able to add an additional one.

Ideally, you guys would have noticed that and dropped those tickets before you paid for them but, that's ok, you can either refund them yourselves for system credit, or contact [email protected] for a refund minus the 5% fee.

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by cinnibar

Since neither of us had marked 'Another one for me', I find it annoying that the system decided to make that assumption instead of honoring the original request.  That assumption is a stretch.  Another one for the issue list.

(I can see doing this when adding directly to the cart, but the hidden 'double-slot' is a surprise during wishlist processing)

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