Are you a fan of Comic books? Are you a fan of superhero movies? This is your chance to be in one.

I am the new host of The Champions Tournament, in the event guide as Champions 2018.

This tournament has been running for over 25 years. It was begun by a group known as the Hero Auxiliary Corp, now known as III. The tournament was built on the foundations of exciting stories and dynamic characters, but what made it a success were the players.

Now is your opportunity to take your place as one of the foremost heroes of earth.Nearly a year ago, metahumans suddenly appeared among us, apparently triggered by dreams of apocalypse. Now, three days before the anniversary of the Awakening, a strange phenomena heralds another chapter for which the world may be equally unready. Indeed, our fate may rest entirely on the shoulders of eight individuals who are still learning what it takes to be heroes. 
Players in round one will be invited to join the final Sunday at 12:00.
The game is run using the Hero System, but do not let unfamiliarity keep you from joining us. The event is built on the foundations of role-playing so as long as you have designs on being a hero you will be fine, and who knows maybe you will learn a new system to try.

There are still limited tickets available for round 1.