Destroyers Den Larp at Gen Con
Posted by warren457

Hey everyone I am one of the gamerunners running The Easy Job, Destroyers Den adventure at Gencon. This will be a lightest touch larp. Me and the other gamerunners are really proud of our game its a steampunk fantasy fusion. AT our full weekend games we average 25-30 attendees, and considering we took it over a year and a half ago when it was barely scratching 10 we feel super happy about our accomplishment.

Making this so you can reach out to me with questions.

Also posting description

Short Description:
Guns, Swords, Magic, & Intrigue await those who step on these cold docks. Fortune awaits those brave enough to seize it & failure for those who are a little bold. Come find out which you are.

Long Description:
On the continent of Focul, the first crate of firearms has arrived to the viking nation of Engelhelm as a token of peace from the royal family of the steampunk land of Cogland. However not everything is cream and cookies, there are six groups who all have a different idea for this gift. Yet the crate is not the only thing that is sought after, others seek their fortune. Everyone has different needs and wants and things come to a head in the port town of Agalo. Pre-Generated characters will be provided. Medical waivers will be signed. Players are encouraged but not required to cosplay, bring their own NERF pistol w/darts of boffer weapons (subject to GM approval). -------
Event Type:

Posted by spielenshirl

Hi! I am SO excited to be signed up for this LARP (I am putting the finishing touches on my steampunk outfit now)!!!  Can you please better define for me  "darts of boffer weapons" since the GenCon policy page said okay to 'non-projectile' boffer weapons. I think of darts as projectiles, so not sure what to get; I want to buy the right kind of NERF pistol. I want to play it to the max :)
Thank you for posing here so we can ask. Any other advice for 1st timer is appreciated. 
I bought a Small Steampunk Nerf Gun Post Apocalyptic Working Toy Dart Gun Pistol Working Toy Gun Dart Blaster LARP Cosplay and Costume Accessory Prop from Etsy. Even if I can't use the darts it is still very cool looking.

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