Activating a big batch of late events (including Magic) at 4 pm Pacific
Posted by derekguder

We've had a chance to go through most late events and will have a big batch (~1500) going live this afternoon at 4 pm Pacific, when we start a stream to talk about great events that still have tickets available.

Come join us on Twitch - we'll also be able to answer questions and help folks find more cool events to check out. Also a good place to pop in and share links to events that you think are cool that still have tickets.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by san_fan_49

Woohoo. Good news to end my work week on.

Thanks for the heads up.

Posted by qwaserity

South Park clip parody:

GenCon: We've posted some really great events. Let's see what you can sign up for.... And.... They're gone....
GenCon: Well you see, we posted events and the folks who look at the forums everyday have already signed up for "Playing with Celebrities", "Unique/held once during the entire GenCon" and "Secret Hitler with the Creators" events.
Me: Oh...
GenCon: But if you keep some slots open we'll be posting a few more events right about..... Now!
GenCon: And.... They're gone too....

(Just kidding, not everything is gone. Just the only Car Wars game during the entire GenCon. Good thing I check the forums every day...)

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