GenCon has reached out to us and asked if we could add more Fall of Catopia (5e) and Lost Cities of the Ancients (5e) events. Our staff is already fully committed so we are looking for volunteers.

Fall of Catopia (5e) is an adventure for our Caruday (5e) supplement that presents the Caturday, anthropomorphic cat folk. Our heroes will try to rescue the infant Princess Caterina and escape the hobgoblins besieging Catopia.

Lost Cities of the Ancients (5e) is for our upcoming Rocket Age (5e) adaptation of the ENnie Award winning Rocket Age game. Seek out lost ruins on Mars and discover the secrets held within.

Both are 4 hour slots and we can schedule them at your convenience. As one of our Con GMs you will receive the adventure, any titles for our catalog (in pdf) you need to run it, and one pdf of your choice from the catalog, plus a discount at our web store (the last two after the con of course). Depending on how many events you run we should be able to get you a GM badge.

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