Hey everyone! 

ConTessa is looking for a few more GMs to fill out some more of our space in Lucas Oil Stadium. For those unfamiliar, ConTessa is a gaming organization led entirely by an intersectional group of marginalized people. We've been empowering marginalized GMs through our safer spaces and outreach programs for over five years. Every ConTessa event is powered by our leaders, who mostly get to run whatever they want! 

Right now, we're looking for the following: 

Every person who runs games with ConTessa is a representational force to be reckoned with. You could be the next Hero that brings more marginalized people into gaming just by coming by, having fun, and running some games with us! 

ConTessa GMs get: 

  • Access to our safer space on the field in Lucas Oil Stadium. 
  • A custom ConTessa t-shirt. 
  • A thank-you bag full of gaming goodies. 
  • Lanyards, ribbons, and pinback buttons. 
  • Vinyl dry-erase square/hex gaming mats at all RPG tables.
  • We do all the work to get your game submitted and scheduled, show you how the Gen Con ticketing system works, and give you an awesome table to run your game at. All you have to do is show up and run!
  • Knowledgable and helpful staff members on-hand to keep the space safe, answer any questions, and solve any last-minute issues you might have. 

We always have a great time, and love growing our family!