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I have really wanted to get into Pathfinder for a while but have not found a chance to play in our home town. We have kind of drug our feet in signing up for events. There are a few games that are still available during times we can make it that are listed are good for level 1-5 and that "rules will be taught." How accurate is that? are we going to be the newbs slowing up other people's game or can we expect some other first timers learning along with us? Is there something better to sign up for. Also, it says the game is available for 3-24 players. does this mean a 24 player party or will they split that group up into smaller parties? Lots of questions, just don't want to be " that guy." Thanks in advance! 

Posted by bushmaster

Good questions!  Welcome to the Pathfindering...

Most (but not all) Pathfinder games will be with Paizo and be part of their organized play campaign.  They call it Pathfinder Society, or PFS for short.  What this means is that you can create a character using a common set of rules and then take that character anywhere in the world and play it in a Society game and it will be legal.  To play, you will need an Organized Play Number, (formally called Pathfinder Society Number).  You can get one on the Paizo website under Organized Play.  Or you will be given a card that will have a number and authorization code that you can use to register later.  Either way works.  You will need to know the Organized Play Number when you sit down at the table.

You will likely find that when you sit at a table, likely with a pre-gen character, there will be a mix of experienced and new players.  Most experienced players will help the new players understand and enjoy themselves during the game.  Just listen and don't try to do the same thing over and over! :)

The GM will also do their best to make sure everyone is learning and enjoying the game to the best of their abilities.  Just be open so everyone understands that you are new.  If anyone should give you grief, go find a gold shirt volunteer and let them know.  The number one rule of Paizo Organized Play is "Don't be a jerk."

If you can get tickets for 5-08 The Confirmation, 6-10 The Wounded Wisp, and 7-10 The Consortium Compact, get them (I see a few spots still open). These adventures are re-playable and designed for new players.  You can also show up with generics and find a volunteer that is marshaling the tables and tell them you are new and would like play.  They will do their best to find you a seat in a good adventure.

Any other 1-5 adventure is also good for new players.  You are more likely to sit with experienced players, which should not be a bad thing.

You will not be sitting at a table with 23 other players.  The max size of a table is 6.  The minimum is 3.

Paizo has pre-gens for all the classes.  If you want to get ahead and see them, they are avialble on Paizo website under Community Use.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!

(I am not a representative of Paizo. I am a player and GM.)


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Nascrag is a good entry point for a Pathfinder player.  We like people to have a little familiarity with roleplaying games, but we're pretty rules-light in general.  With us its about playing your character and having fun.  We've been doing this for 39 years at Gen Con now.

We have teams of 6, but show up with whoever you have and we'll group you up.  We have a two-round, by advancement tournament, and a one-round event whose proceeds are donated to charity.

Check out our Wikipedia entry or WWW. NASCRAG.ORG for more details

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