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Posted by taamvan

3d time genconner here; couple questions---loved the tmbg concert last year will there be any similar scale events 500+ ppl off site this time?

also we saw a pirate pub crawl at the slippery noodle inn but my searches arent bringing anything like that up can you help me with keywords?

finally any nongaming events you suggest im going to do seminars and lectures for the first time this after rockn axis and allies mostly the last few


Posted by jessejames61

man this might be to late but it's the 8th Annual Charity Pub Party ID# ENT18135217
it was a blast last year. it's Thursday at 9pm and starts at the "Iron Horse" which is not on any google search but is in the basement of the Crown Plaza Hotel. Sorry for posting a ton of info but it took us way to long to find it last year so I thought I'd give you as much help as I could.  also if you do show up. find the sharp dressed storm troopers and say hi. we need more team members

Posted by roderick

The Iron Horse is in the basement of the Union Station, not the hotel (the signage can be confusing). The Union Station is the cathedral-looking red-brick building. There are two entrances: one outside on Illinois St., to the left of the main entrance, one inside. In either case, the Gen Con HQ inside the buildng can help you get to it.

Roderick Robertson
Station Master

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