Late events and where?
Posted by taamvan

I know that its super late in the day and so im curious, if i try to register an event for my buddies or of general interest, will it fill, and where will we sit?

i have plenty to do, but if i want to host DM say Car Wars, StarFrontiers, can i get 4-6 outside ppl at this point?

how about camel cup takenoko bohnaza so i can include newbs, will an event fill with the needed seats and where will we play?  axa plays in a huge smorey swamp so im not sure where smaller session occur.

thanks for your insight

Posted by derekguder

You can still submit late events, but you'll want to keep them small and hustle to spread the word as much as you can.

Broadly, I would recommend checking out the list of high demand games for this year. Those titles should be in demand enough to draw sufficient players even last-minute.

You can submit other stuff and we'll review them as soon as we have a chance, but it'll be more of a gamble.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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