BYOV Events - Larps and Tabletops!
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Hi Genconners! BYOV is running our usual 4 LARP events, as well as a number of tabletop games again this year. 

As of this post there is a lone ticket left for our Edison vs Tesla steampunk LARP, but--rest assured, there will be spots open for all of our games. (It's a long Con, people get busy, get ill, find out the week before that they can't make the trip, etc. There are almost always people with real event tickets who don't show up.) And, even if we're full, we're not above making up characters on the spot and fitting you into the game (and sometimes those are the best characters--I've played a lot of those myself over the years).

TL/DR: If you want to play in one of these games, contact us before, or show up before the game! (Note: for LARPs--tabletops may not have room if they are sold out, that's the nature of tabletops. But there may still be no-shows :)

You can see cast lists and contact us directly about character requests at our website, Here are the games we're running, chronologically and by category:


Vice City: The Deal of a Lifetime (LRP18130740)
Thursday Noon, 4 hours, Union Station - Iron Horse
Everyone’s got an angle. In VICE CITY, the Columbians have the goods and the Russians want to traffic it.  The FBI's got an inside man, and the Vice Squad is watching it all, waiting for their chance to take the operation down. Who's down for a night at the club? Vice City is a game about the deal of a lifetime.  The Russians and Columbians are trying to secure a business relationship.  Unbeknownst to them, the FBI and Vice Squad have agents in their organizations, and are looking for a chance to bring it all down.  Characters will be spending the evening at the LIV nightclub, owned by Marco Perez.  Some will play criminals, some law enforcement, and still others, unaffiliated bystanders that may have their own goals. What could go wrong? Inspired by shows like Miami Vice, The Wire, Breaking Bad, and Narcos. If you love crime stories, this game is for you!

Welcome to Purgatory: A Modern Supernatural Western (LRP18129508)
Friday Noon, 4 hours, Union Station - Lincoln
Welcome to Purgatory – the premier tourist destination of the Ghost River Triangle! You've arrived in the summertime, so there's only a slight chance of snow. Purgatory is a true wild west town steeped in legend, lore and tradition. Folks travel from near and far to drink at Shorty's Saloon, test their luck at the card table and listen to local history (or make their own). Your true reason for stopping by here? Saint or sinner, it is all your own. Don't worry 'bout the dress code. Cowboy boots are optional, but an open mind is a must. You heard we have supernatural sympathies? Don't worry, we serve all types here! Yes, we were inspired by the world of Wynonna Earp, but no series knowledge is required. We also pull from myth, the lore of the Northwest and other pop culture stuff too!

The Edifice (LRP18129501)
Friday 8pm, 4 hours, Union Station - C & O
It’s a cold grey cell you awaken to. Thankfully the door pushes open easily, but there’s only more cold grey in the hall. And you’re not alone. None of you know where you are, or even your own names. Numbers and jumpsuits, that’s all you are. And there seems to be no way out…not even a window. Who are you, and who has stolen your life? And how can you find them and make them pay? A BYOV Mystery. Costumes always appreciated but not required, some character selections possible before the Con. Game sold out? Hit us up online anyway, or just show up!

Thomas and Nikola - The End of Steam (LRP18129502)
Saturday 5pm, 4 hours, Union Station - Lincoln
1893, Chicago – The World’s Fair. Get your ticket to celebrate the greatest minds of our age as they propel us into a bold new future! You can rub elbows with giants of science and industry-Tesla, Edison, Westinghouse, and more! Marvel at the mystical skills of Harry Houdini! Meet Lincoln’s spy Allen Pinkerton, the man who captured the Wild Bunch! Thrill to the amazing new world of moving pictures! Automatic washing machines! Alchemy! Giant guns! Air conditioning! The whole world gathers to welcome the coming peace and prosperity of the Age of Electricity! A BYOV Festival. Costumes always appreciated but not required, some character selections possible before the Con. Game sold out? Hit us up online anyway, or just show up! It’s AC vs. DC in the fight of the century!


Red Flags: The Game of Terrible Dates (CGM18134109)
Thursday 8am, 2 hours, ICC Hall C - Yellow 1-2
Play circles around the table with everyone taking a turn as The Single while the others build the best date for them, then play a card to sabotage their opponents!

Red Flags: The Game of Terrible Dates (CGM18134110)
Friday 8am, 2 hours, ICC Hall C - Yellow 3-4


Hellspire Crucible (runs 4 times, see below)
1st Edition Dungeon World - No Experience Necessary!
The dread tower has emerged, challenging heroes to ascend for glory, riches, & immortality. Death around every corner, but the bold, smart, & lucky may just be able to claim victory!

Friday 10am, 4 hours, Crowne Plaza : Pennsylvania Stn A : 2

Friday 7pm, 4 hours, Crowne Plaza : Pennsylvania Stn A : 2

Saturday 10am, 4 hours, Crowne Plaza : Pennsylvania Stn A : 1

Saturday 7pm, 4 hours, Crowne Plaza : Pennsylvania Stn A : 1

Posted by brotherbock

Hi again--FYI, we've been informed by one of our players and ticket holders that she can no longer make GenCon, and it is too late for her to refund her tickets. So we know for a fact that there will be two open spots in Purgatory, and possibly other games, that there will not be tickets available for--so bring generics if you want to play and the game is full! I will post more if this affects other games.

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