Like so many others I have the countdown to GenCon going on in my head!  Less than a month!!!

I wanted to put a last call out to those who love LARPing Old World of Darkness and want to join Darkness Remembered at our LARP event Abundance of Sorrow for 1 night or all 3. We have been working with players to collaborate on characters that are being offered for our three night event. After July 16, 2018 we are going to print for character packets and won't be able to offer any customization.

We are going to highlight Kinfolk as the Unsung Heroes they have always been. But, we are also looking for a few good Glasswalkers who will play a strong role in the future of the local Sept. Of course this story line is one piece of the action as we layer the game with genre plots, group plots, and individual plots all revolving around a central theme that brings the entire World of Darkness together. Cross-genre play is important to us.

Our appreciation goes out to those who are already joining us. Our style is story over rules. There are no major NPCs roaming around, each player is the star of their own story, and perhaps the villain of someone else's!