If you have the chance (after 6pm is a great time) go find these games.  They are located in the hallway around room 124.  You can find them by a circle of chairs with around 12 players.  There are around 20 different circles.  This was the highlight of GenCon for my family and me.

We just wanted something to do for 2 hours (8pm to 10pm) so randomly picked this activity.  We got a 2 hour ticket for $2. We joined our first ever game of Are you a Werewold".

Was it fun?  Well to answer that, we stopped playing at 2 am.  If we were not falling asleep we would have stayed until 4am.

This is a great activity and a chance to talk with a bunch of other gamers.  All 4 of my family said this was the highlight of our GenCon in 2018.