Just wanted to stop in and give a shout out to all the awesome players who turned out for GenCon 2018, making it one of our biggest and most successful years ever!

Over a thousand tickets were turned in for our 100+ events, ranging from board and trivia games, seminars, and our many RPGs and LARPs.  We are immensely grateful and happy that so many of you have enjoyed our games for the last 36 years and that each year we get to see so many new faces and form lasting friendships!

I also want to thank the hard working Game Runners and crew for working their tails off from 8 am until 1 am to keep bringing the fun (and the angst! ;) ) to our wide variety of events.  

And no, Don, you cannot retire! :p

Hope to see everyone again next year!!

Sue Grau
Infinite Imaginations, Inc.
Event Coordinator