Anyone need a hotel or have need for a roommate?
Posted by leafeonite

I just decided that I want to go, and booked a hotel at the Comfort in about 6.6 miles from Lucas Oil Stadium. I booked it with two queen beds, and it has a fridge and a microwave in the room. I plan to use Lyft or Uber to get back and forth.

I would really like to find someone to split the cost with me, since the price is about 135 per night. Either that, or I would like to get in on a room in a hotel near the con and split the costs, since they're all fully booked everywhere.

Let me know if you are interested!



P.S. I just learned about the whole housing thing, I think I may need to go for that?

Posted by lordnlkon

Lots more people will start looking for roommates 2-3 months before Gencon.

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