del_grande wrote:No, but I am under the impression that it had so many complaints that the company decided not to bother in 2016 or later.One problem was, the shuttles (a) only ran from the hotels in the morning and (b) only ran back to the hotels in the evening.  While I wasn't at GenCon in 2014, I have been told that there were quite a few cases of people in hotels at the end of the pick-up line were told hour after hour after hour, "Sorry, but this shuttle's full - wait for the next one."  I can only imagine what the lines for the shuttles back to the hotels were like - and your guess is as good as mine as to what happened when the last shuttle of the night filled up with people still in line.
In 2015, they thought they could fix this by having required reservations.  The main problem with this is, what if you don't know in advance when your event will end?  Do you just stand around the convention center for possibly three hours after making a midnight reservation "just in case" and you are done at 9:00?  Also note that shuttle reservations had to be paid for in advance, so if you missed your shuttle for whatever reason, you were out $6.

Thanks for the heads up all..