If you're planning on participating in Housing Registration this weekend, please review the following: 

* Gen Con and Q-Rooms collaborate with Indianapolis hotels to secure as many discounted rooms as possible. However, the fact of the matter is that there are far more interested attendees than available rooms.

* Purchase your badge(s) prior to 11:59 pm (Eastern) today, Friday, February 9 to be placed in the Housing Access Queue. Anyone purchasing their Gen Con 2018 badge after 11:59 pm will be placed at the end of the Housing Access Queue. (If you need a room in the attendee block, but expect to receive a GM badge, you’ll need to purchase an attendee badge now to participate in attendee housing, which will be refunded when you are assigned a GM badge.)

* Badge purchasers will receive their scheduled Housing Portal access time via email on Saturday, February 10.* Sign into your "My Housing (https://www.gencon.com/housing) " page a few minutes before your scheduled access time on Sunday, February 11. Once the countdown timer reaches zero, you may access the housing portal to select your hotel room(s).

* Refreshing your page is completely OK and will not result in a loss of Housing Portal access time or selected housing in cart. However, after a period of inactivity, your housing selection will return to the available pool, so please complete your booking quickly.

For more information about the housing registration process, see the Housing section (https://www.gencon.com/attend/housing_travel) of the Gen Con website. If you have specific questions regarding housing, head over to the Travel & Housing forums (https://www.gencon.com/forums/33-travel-housing-and-dining-2018) or email us at [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) .

ADA-Compliant Accessible Rooms

ADA-compliant Accessible rooms can now be requested when selecting rooms within the online housing portal, and on opening day all users are required to select rooms using the online housing portal. Once a hotel and room have been selected for check-out the system will prompt the user to enter guest information. Guests desiring a disability-compliant Accessible room should select the “Accessible” checkbox located below the guest information fields to place a request.

Important Note:
The Accessible checkbox should only be selected to indicate need for an ADA-compliant room. Enter other types of special requests in the text box marked Additional Requests, but leave the Accessible checkbox blank unless you want an ADA accessible room to be substituted for the standard room type you selected.

Federal ADA legislation requires all hotels to meet minimum accessibility requirements, and as such hotel location is not applicable to ADA regulation. Requesting an Accessible room in the Gen Con housing block has no bearing on hotel location relative to the convention center. Selecting the checkbox to request an Accessible room will not change your hotel selection and assignment.