Marian's Annual DON'T PANIC Housing Post
Posted by marimaccadmin

Hi all,I know a lot of you are upset right now because you got times later in the evening.  I totally get that. But I want to let you know that, if you don't get housing at a downtown hotel tomorrow, this does not mean you are shut out of downtown housing forever, and it does not mean your Gen Con is ruined. I promise you.

First, persistence pays off.  After tomorrow, people will drop duplicate and unwanted rooms periodically, and they will show back up in the system. This always happens. Keep checking the housing link periodically; there are always people who book a few days, or even weeks, after housing opens, in really great downtown hotels.  I've never seen this not happen.

Also, people WILL post here looking for people to share their rooms. That's a great way to save, while still getting the room that you prefer.

FURTHER, there are some interesting nontraditional options downtown, like AirBnB.  I just checked, and there are options available nearby. I know some people have stayed at a close in BnB before. Look around, think about nonconventional options.  You may find something great. 
 Finally, even if none of those work, I also promise that your Gen Con will not be ruined.  With great convenient services like Lyft, you're a 10-15 minute car ride from a MUCH cheaper hotel, even considering the ride fees.  I've had several days where I left my room at 8am, and didn't return until Midnight. Wouldn't have made a difference where my hotel room was on those days.  Even making an extra trip back in the middle of the day for a nap, if you stay at an airport hotel, you're likely still saving quite a bit of money.

I completely 100 percent get wanting to be RIGHT THERE downtown, but people do still have a great time without being downtown. And I have never seen the entire city of Indianapolis sell out of hotels.  There's still a place for you to stay in Indy.If you simply decide that, if you don't book a downtown hotel today you aren't going; that's absolutely your choice.  I think you're selling yourself short; you're a gamer, you can find a way to get a room you want, or work with what you have.  That's what we're all about.  Be persistent, keep checking the system, and checking here, and other online services, and odds are, you'll get something you're happy with.

I wish you all the best of luck!

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by hendelbolaf

Thank you for bring a little spot of sanity to a community in crisis... ;)

I second what Marian just said. I have stayed downtown and I have stayed six to twelve miles away and I have enjoyed the convention every time!

Good luck and DON'T PANIC!

Posted by austicke

Well said, Marian.

Alec Usticke, Fans of Gen Con Facebook Group

Posted by andrewj.rager

This completely!

Two years ago we stayed out of block in North Indy. Drove in everyday and had a great time

Last year we missed on the lottery but was able to find a room downtown in June through the housing block. Have to really be on it.

The bottom line is that we had a great time at Gen Con both times. The hotel is just where you sleep. Yeah there are perks to staying downtown. I thought we would good back to the room all the time last year, but we really didn't You don't use the room as much as you might think.

At the end of the day, do not let a day in February effect how 4-5 days in August go for you. Have a great Gen Con! Gaming is about having fun.

Posted by alans

To add to the DON'T PANIC:  Keep checking back, as Marian said.  We've gone since 2007, and have gotten a downtown room every year.  Sometimes not until July did one pop up, but with a "standby" hotel reserved, even a ways out, as Marian said, I know we can drive or Uber or taxi if needed - - but it hasn't happened yet!

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