Gate Ten Parking Question
Posted by benmhout

I already paid for my spot there.  Is there one entrance for this lot?  If so, what's it like if I arrive at 9 AM on Thursday morning?  I remember trying to park in a lot near there (or maybe it was actually Gate Ten) a few years ago and I waited trying to turn in for like 30 minutes.  Eventually the lot was full & there was no room.

Just looking for a heads up on anything related to parking there.  I saw there will be shuttles going to the Convention Center which is great.  


Edit: I have a dream of making into the convention center by 10 AM to see the dice roll but I think a lot of things have to go right for that to happen.

Posted by rogersba

It may depend on the lot, but in the past the ones with Gate Ten I've used have had only one entrance. Be sure to look at the address on your ticket! Going to the wrong lot will only slow you down.

While they may run more shuttles at a peak time like Thursday morning, you run the risk of a long wait or a full shuttle. Personally, I'd walk, but for me the walk distance isn't a big deal.

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