[OfferingToShareRoom] Your own Queen bed for $59/night at a NICE hotel!
Posted by zazamos

Quest Complete! No longer seeking a roommate.

Didn't get accepted as a VIG this year?

Tired of getting hosed by the Housing Lottery?

Worried you'll end up sleeping on the floor or in the bathtub like last year?

Do you want a comfortable, clean, convenient, and safe hotel experience, and not have to pay a bajillion bucks a night for it?

Then worry not! Have I got the deal for you!

I have a Deluxe Queen / Queen hotel room (yes that's TWO queen beds!!) at the Country Inn & Suites Airport Hotel from Wednesday Aug 1 through Sunday Aug 5. It's 8 miles out, and I'm looking for another roommate! My other friends balked last minute because they're fickle like that, so I'm passing the savings onto you!

Looking for...

  1. Someone to share my room with who is at any intersection of race, gender, sexual orientation, and religious inclination. I respect all sorts of people from all walks of life, and I hope I can room with someone who shares similar inclusion values.
  2. Someone who won't turn the room into THE party room. I like parties, and I'll probably have a drink or three in the room sure, but our hotel room is not for 4AM partying, please.
  3. Someone who is generally a normal, decent(ish) human being, that will try to be considerate of others, won't swipe someone's stuff, won't trash the room, won't use my toothbrush, etc.
  4. Someone who will stay at least Thursday - Sunday (3 Nights).
  5. I'm OK with couples; just don't do night time activities, otherwise it'll get weird.

Deets on the room:

  • The rate is 118/night before taxes. Looking to split fairly.
  • Complimentary hot breakfast. Heck yeah.
  • Free parking. Double heck yeah.
  • I have Gate10 parking I'm driving to/from the Con every day. I have a big car, it can hold a lot of swag, and yes, you can totally carpool with me. Triple heck yeah.
  • Free high-speed internet! Wow!
  • An indoor pool you'll never use! Tubular!
  • The entire hotel is non-smoking. No vaping or hookah in the hotel room, please.

About me:

  1. I am an early 30's non-smoking male.
  2. I consider myself easygoing and relatively mindful of others.
  3. I enjoy roleplaying games such as D&D and I'm always down to check out new RPGs. I'm a vet DM to boot.
  4. I like playing boardgames; some of my favorites being Lords of Waterdeep, Scythe, Heart of Crown, 7 Wonders.
  5. I like playing MTG but that's not my focus for Gen Con this year. But if you play EDH I can be talked into bringing a deck. :)
  6. This is not my first GenCon, so I am a wealth of information and tips!
  7. I'm kind of a foodie! I know a lot of really incredible and awesome restaurants in Indianapolis that won't break the bank. You will eat really well, if your budget allows. Dinners primarily, under $20 per meal before any drinks.

How to reach me: I'm not on the forums frequent enough to respond timely, so emailing me would be the fastest way to reach me. rexclee at gmail.

Posted by gingerjsm

Dang that was like the best roommate advert ever! I would totally have gone for this if I didn't already get an airbnb.

Posted by wonsui

How do I get your email? I'm in almost the exact same position!

Posted by wootles

I'm searching for a place to also stay. Cheaper the better! I'm also in my 30's and not new to Gencon. Let me know if you want to try and work something out. I would be staying all three nights as well.

Posted by magicsquare15

36 yo male, interested.

Posted by rhone1

Wow, I don't even need a room and I'm interested.

Posted by zazamos

Thank you all for replying!

However, Roommate Quest 2018 comes to its conclusion with a new roommate selected, and thus the search has come to a close. May your roommate-seeking endeavors bear fruit!

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