[LookingForSharedRoom] Thursday-Sunday
Posted by phish_tank

Hey all, looking for a room for Thursday-Sunday. Would prefer a connected hotel or no more than a few blocks from the convention center. Housing block pricing would be preferable, but I won't turn down a room if it works for all involved.

Posted by brodyrules

Posted by mllungfish

I have a Marriott (skywalk to the ICC) 
with 2 double beds for Wednesday-Sunday...

here's the breakdown of pricing:
-$1,027 w/ 2 occupants
-$685 w/ 3 occupants
-$513 w/ 4 occupants

The total cost of the room was $2,055, so I'm not trying to "make" any money here! 

*I also have an unlimited hotspot I'll share with you, as well as food, gaming supplies (dice/paper/etc.) and anything else I might have. I basically am a walking convenience store! 


Posted by rozialee

If you are still looking my husband and I have a queen size bed available. It is at Red Roof Inn Inndiapolis South. We are staying August 1-6. For the 5 night stay it is $590. 
So for 3 people it is $196 per person.
The hotel is 8 miles from the convention center, but I bought a parking pass to a parking lot with a shuttle service. If you are interested, you can email me. [email protected]

Posted by mavrick593

If you're still looking...

We have 1-2 last minute openings for our room at the Courtyard Marriott downtown. It is connected via skywalk and provides free breakfast (pretty decent stuff too if last year is any judge). The room is currently 3 males, 1 female. We have floor/ air mattresses space available, and we can provide the air mattress. Equal split in the room:  
5 people makes it $150/person total for Thursday through Sunday.   
6 people it's $124 each.We are all con veterans who shower daily and get along with anyone. Let us know asap! 

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