[Looking For Shared Room] Need a room Wed through Saturday
Posted by knoxknight

Hello!  I'm 43, a regular attendee, gm & judge. (RPGs & BGs) Quiet, kind, very clean, mil vet, ally to all vulnerable groups, & good dude.   

I'm looking for floor space, or possibly a bed.  Happy to pay a share on day one. Wed through Saturday.  I'll be working a couple of events, so it really needs to be downtown.

Must be non-smoking.
Must be within a mile of the convention center.

Please email me at m1a1 at gmx dot com

Posted by snapdragon

Sending an email 

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Posted by mllungfish

I have a Marriott (skywalk to the ICC) 
with 2 double beds...

here's the breakdown of pricing:
-$1,027 w/ 2 occupants
-$685 w/ 3 occupants
-$513 w/ 4 occupants

The total cost of the room was $2,055, so I'm not trying to "make" any money here! 

*I also have an unlimited hotspot I'll share with you, as well as food, gaming supplies (dice/paper/etc.).

I'm a GM too (just not this GenCon, haha!)

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