[LookingForSharedRoom] 8/1-8/5
Posted by lantumic

Unfortunately, the person originally hosting my room has decided to cancel their trip in favor of getting to spend more at SDCC. This, needless to say, has left me high and dry for my room arrangement!

I am a 30 year old male, clean, respectful, and quiet. Don't expect to be in the room a ton, just need a spot to shower and sleep. Floor space is fine. 

Preferably looking for a space within walking distance and under $300 for the week.

If you have any openings, please shoot me an email: lantumic at gmail


UPDATE: No longer looking, thanks everyone!

Posted by mllungfish

I have a Marriott (has a skywalk to the ICC!) with 2 double beds..but the best I could do would be $685 (if I can find another person). The total cost of the room was $2,055.

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