STILL have space for 2-3 people in Marriott Hotel (connected by skywalk!) *BONUS: Fancy hotel breakfast is my treat the first day of GenCon!!!
Posted by mllungfish

I'm a 34 year old female gamer/DM lookin for 2-3 more roomies.I have a Marriott (skywalk to the ICC)  
with 2 double beds for Wednesday-Sunday.
here's the current breakdown of pricing: 
-$685 each w/ 1 more occupants 

-$513 each w/ 2 more occupants

The total cost of the room was $2,055, so I'm not trying to "make" any money here.

**+BONUS: fancy hotel breakfast is my treat the first day of GenCon!!! That's an average of $20 each..

In my opinion this is the best hotel w/ a skywalk in the middle of the ICC, a Starbucks, a restaurant, and luggage check-in so you don't have to worry about it Sunday and just enjoy the last day of the Con. 

There is still actual BED space available, as long as bunking up doesn't bother you. 

Posted by treloar

Would consider 2 guys as roomies? Thanks! 

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