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Discussion about eating, sleeping, and getting to Gen Con 2019
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Greek's Pizzeria now open downtown.
Started by lord thrifty the cromulent
Last post by matthias9 2
Southwest flights open
Started by squirecam
Last post by buffythecatslayer 6
Anyone ever parked at/near the airport for the duration of Gencon?
Started by fethbone
Last post by fethbone 3
Hotel lottery question
Started by kbeal2k
Last post by andrewj.rager 20
Looking to share an AirBNB 1.4 miles from Convention center
Started by gingerjsm
Last post by gingerjsm 1
Housing Process
Started by sinfulfuzzball
Last post by selene314 2
Potential Gencon Shuttle 2019
Started by squirecam
Last post by squirecam 1
New Embassy Suites by the airport
Started by ematuskey
Last post by ematuskey 3
New restaurant in Circle Centre
Started by stevespikes
Last post by andrewj.rager 2
Room Type?
Started by mamabarry
Last post by funny-shaped dice 3
Friends and Family
Started by eiffet
Last post by eiffet 3
Accommodation for +1
Started by duncan.cole
Last post by repto 6
Hard Rock Closing
Started by keithbradburn
Last post by andrewj.rager 3
HSG Podcast Gen Con Survival Guide: Part 1 Housing. Couple tips for newer Gen Con attendees.
Started by daxhammond
Last post by daxhammond 1
Cutoff for randomized housing assignments
Started by wogasm
Last post by traveller 10
Housing/Credit Card Question
Started by shyeyes19
Last post by traveller 3
Checking in to hotel
Started by tpir
Last post by austicke 2
2019 Hotel recommendations
Started by nlgplayerone
Last post by lesleykate 28
How quickly do all the downtown rooms get taken on Sunday?
Started by kbeal2k
Last post by tryanw 11
Housing Portal Opens on Jan 27th
Started by njseahawksfan
Last post by austicke 24
Downtown Westin has rooms available tonight
Started by wienhusen
Last post by gib_rebeg 2
Credit Cards accepted by Q Rooms?
Started by kaliena
Last post by austicke 2
Remember - two new "Hyatt" hotels this year
Started by roderick
Last post by roderick 1
Gen Con Wednesday is 31 Jul - you can book it
Started by faxboy66
Last post by mikeboozer 5
What Time Did You Get?
Started by njseahawksfan
Last post by tonythetoyman 48
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