Travel, Housing, and Dining 2019 ( Locked)
Discussion about eating, sleeping, and getting to Gen Con 2019
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Georgia Street
Started by knuteski
Last post by divachelle 17
Holiday Inn Available
Started by xmidnightxeyesx
Last post by xmidnightxeyesx 1
Staybridge Downtown: Has anyone stayed there?
Started by tinabear81
Last post by indyfoodguy 18
Hotel Parking, Do you need to call ahead?
Started by nikas zekeval
Last post by maijstral2 6
Opinions on Le Meridien
Started by jimmythesaint
Last post by denni338 2
Cancelling Room - The Alexander (in block)
Started by mamabarry
Last post by mamabarry 1
Canceled a room at the JW
Started by candeygirl490s
Last post by lalato 3
Rooms at the Sheraton 4 blocks away.
Started by unclemoneybags3
Last post by unclemoneybags3 1
Giving up in-block room
Started by nuyawkdawg
Last post by nuyawkdawg 4
Past Issues With Housing?
Started by rozialee
Last post by david campbell 3
Housing issues
Started by aaronmlopez
Last post by aaronmlopez 5
Shula's Steakhouse Closing
Started by helenbb
Last post by indyfoodguy 31
Dining at theme places
Started by danielscooby
Last post by indyfoodguy 3
Transferring a room to avoid a cancellation fee?
Started by mattsturm
Last post by jips 10
looking for a ride from Springfield IL to Indy
Started by kjbrown911
Last post by kjbrown911 9
The Westin is TERRIBLE
Started by blinkin03
Last post by squirecam 29
Omni Severin Downtown
Started by fleviseur
Last post by fleviseur 1
Need a place to stay for Gencon ?
Started by localindyguy
Last post by localindyguy 2
Will modifying the payment info for a room affect the reservation?
Started by buffythecatslayer
Last post by glory 2
Started by npiccini
Last post by aaronmlopez 28
Indianapolis to Cincinnati travel suggestions?
Started by sasnu
Last post by llenlleawg 4
Breakfast Food Trucks?
Started by klaron
Last post by boc_mage 10
Any new eats in Indy?
Started by kiyote
Last post by acidix 8
Food Delivery Services in Indianapolis
Started by cloak72
Last post by quarex 4
Replacement for Scotties for late night beer/eats?
Started by boc_mage
Last post by cmegus 3
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