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Discussion about eating, sleeping, and getting to Gen Con 2019
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Hotel deposit...when?
Started by dynel
Last post by bethanyalexander112 29
Courtyard Indianapolis Downtown - Canceling Reservation
Started by hendelbolaf
Last post by hendelbolaf 1
Milwaukee to Gen Con carpooling.
Started by bucholzc1971
Last post by joegamer 7
Oceanaire dress code?
Started by kiyote
Last post by scswan 9
Iron Horse Hours?
Started by stickmanindc
Last post by roderick 2
Parking Alternatives - Overnight Parking Downtown?
Started by kaliena
Last post by buffythecatslayer 22
Hyatt Place
Started by soli23
Last post by soli23 11
Info re: Some road construction on I-465 during Gen Con
Started by aldctjoc
Last post by aldctjoc 6
Amtrak NYC to GenCon
Started by rodeodoctor
Last post by rodeodoctor 1
Indianapolis KOA
Started by kevinrichmeier
Last post by kevinrichmeier 1
Normally by this time the Marriott Indianapolis Downtown had changed my card...
Started by powers209
Last post by sstalker23 9
Favorite Vegan Eats?
Started by asheneyed
Last post by nbrubaker 10
Cooking in Room?
Started by bethanyalexander112
Last post by lpaist 12
Short-Term Parking for Will Call?
Started by kosmosis
Last post by maijstral2 8
Very early - almost too early! - weather forecast
Started by aldctjoc
Last post by cmegus 2
Looking For Another Driver
Started by nerd caliber
Last post by nerd caliber 1
Have a downtown room that we don't need
Started by swords13
Last post by swords13 1
Carpool for airbnb people
Started by wngp2030
Last post by wngp2030 1
Reminder - Road construction at Indianapolis. Plan around it.
Started by aldctjoc
Last post by cmegus 3
Gate 10 just opened up some extra spots
Started by buffythecatslayer
Last post by buffythecatslayer 1
Traveling from Dallas to Indianapolis
Started by kiriandra
Last post by two_feathers 10
Downtown Hotels
Started by geezer
Last post by kellishaver 23
The Eagles Nest
Started by hkeaton75
Last post by rayken 2
Extra charges on room reservation?!?!
Started by bethanyalexander112
Last post by radril 8
When is the earliest time I can park at the convention downtown
Started by mikedabomb22
Last post by mikedabomb22 3
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