Travel, Housing, and Dining 2019 ( Locked)
Discussion about eating, sleeping, and getting to Gen Con 2019
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Indianapolis Star: "Dozen hotels planned in Indy"
Started by aldctjoc
Last post by brotherbock 8
Short-Term Parking for Will Call?
Started by kosmosis
Last post by bobvilla 8
Clarksville, TN to Gen Con on Wed - one way
Started by buffythecatslayer
Last post by quarex 8
Oceanaire dress code?
Started by kiyote
Last post by scswan 9
I-70 Road Closures
Started by lhim
Last post by anedix 9
looking for a ride from Springfield IL to Indy
Started by kjbrown911
Last post by kjbrown911 9
Anyone eaten at Bluebeard?
Started by fethbone
Last post by mikeboozer 9
Normally by this time the Marriott Indianapolis Downtown had changed my card...
Started by powers209
Last post by sstalker23 9
Favorite Vegan Eats?
Started by asheneyed
Last post by nbrubaker 10
Cutoff for randomized housing assignments
Started by wogasm
Last post by traveller 10
Will Ipass work for all tolls if coming from Chicago
Started by mikedabomb22
Last post by hawkeye 10
Traveling from Dallas to Indianapolis
Started by kiriandra
Last post by two_feathers 10
Wed Night downtown
Started by bluntaxe
Last post by cman811 10
Transferring a room to avoid a cancellation fee?
Started by mattsturm
Last post by jips 10
Breakfast Food Trucks?
Started by klaron
Last post by boc_mage 10
Possible Downtown Hotel Inventory
Started by hendelbolaf
Last post by technoir 11
Holiday Inn??? What's it like?
Started by heychadwick
Last post by heychadwick 11
How quickly do all the downtown rooms get taken on Sunday?
Started by kbeal2k
Last post by tryanw 11
Hyatt Place
Started by soli23
Last post by soli23 11
Cooking in Room?
Started by bethanyalexander112
Last post by lpaist 12
Annual "Housing Sucks" Party
Started by gib_rebeg
Last post by raidkillsbugsded 13
Sushi - what's good?
Started by npbernhardt
Last post by repto 14
Dining at the Lucas Oil Stadium
Started by qwaserity
Last post by andrewj.rager 15
Best Way to Get to Ikea?
Started by dcgragg13
Last post by quarex 15
Georgia Street
Started by knuteski
Last post by divachelle 17
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