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Discussion about eating, sleeping, and getting to Gen Con 2019
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Comfort Suites Indianapolis Airport - How was your stay?
Started by devininman11
Last post by devininman11 1
Started by blackhalo
Last post by quarex 4
Clarksville, TN to Gen Con on Wed - one way
Started by buffythecatslayer
Last post by quarex 8
Circle Center Mall Dining
Started by ytuni
Last post by lordnerble 2
Checking in to hotel
Started by tpir
Last post by austicke 2
Cheaper Parking other than hotel?
Started by heychadwick
Last post by buffythecatslayer 5
Carpool for airbnb people
Started by wngp2030
Last post by wngp2030 1
Cancelling Room - The Alexander (in block)
Started by mamabarry
Last post by mamabarry 1
Canceled a room at the JW
Started by candeygirl490s
Last post by lalato 3
Breakfast Food Trucks?
Started by klaron
Last post by boc_mage 10
Breakfast buffet options?
Started by dynel
Last post by a dark rider on a pale ... unicorn? 29
Best Way to Get to Ikea?
Started by dcgragg13
Last post by quarex 15
Available: Friday and Saturday night
Started by bilwhite2014
Last post by bilwhite2014 4
Anyone ever parked at/near the airport for the duration of Gencon?
Started by fethbone
Last post by fethbone 3
Anyone eaten at Bluebeard?
Started by fethbone
Last post by mikeboozer 9
Any new eats in Indy?
Started by kiyote
Last post by acidix 8
Any groups still looking for Place to stay
Started by [email protected]
Last post by [email protected] 2
Annual "Make Housing Fair" Discussion (Summary)
Started by suburbaknght
Last post by bigfathairyguy 97
Annual "Housing Sucks" Party
Started by gib_rebeg
Last post by raidkillsbugsded 13
Amtrak NYC to GenCon
Started by rodeodoctor
Last post by rodeodoctor 1
Adding dates on already booked room?
Started by rileyce19
Last post by rileyce19 5
Accommodation for +1
Started by duncan.cole
Last post by repto 6
6ppl Airbnb, walking distance to convention & bars
Started by kalsonan
Last post by reswot 3
2019 Hotel recommendations
Started by nlgplayerone
Last post by lesleykate 28
2019 Hotel Prices
Started by galvatron42
Last post by jojofish 7
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