I have a place ten minutes from the con. We can all carpool, either by lift or we can see if my roomie is willing to pile us all in her car. It's a b&b house, it's got two rooms. My roomie, and possibly me depending on who decides to share, will be sleeping int he living room either on the couch or on an air mattress. This means I'll have two rooms left, a large bed (looks like a queen or king) in one room and a full or queen size bed in the other room.  60 each for the large room, 50 each for the small room. If you are going solo you can also take couch space or floor space for 30. I'm a little flexible on price, as I'm mainly trying to cover the ridiculous extra cost the b&b throws at me when I add people. Just hit me up at [email protected] .

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I'm only reserving this place from Friday - Monday.