Looking for affordable place last minute
Posted by tdcjason


Hi folks,

I had my stay option fall through late, and I'm looking for a cheap place to sleep/shower close to the venue for the nights Thursday/Friday/Saturday.

I'd basically only be there from ~10p-7am each night, and I'd happily deal with floor space (I can bring an inflatable queen bed if there's room).

A bit about me:
- 37 year husband from a neighboring state, father of 2
- Clean and low maintenance, will be running in the 5k early Friday morning
- Happily carpool if necessarily or convenient
- Work in the gaming industry and I have a small social presence if you'd like to verify what I'm like

Feel free to reach out, [email protected]

Thanks in advance!


Posted by tdcjason

Found one and resolved my situation (can't figure out how to delete the entry). Thanks!

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