Official Gen Con specific only Coronavirus thread
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Posted by ar6474 akb

akb wrote:
mikeboozer wrote:
Hello all,
Gen Con 2020 has been cancelled. You can see our announcement here: Click here to read the full announcement.
I will be locking this thread as it has served it's purpose, a big thanks to all of you who participated.
I will begin a new thread for questions about the cancellation that you might have.
Mike Boozer
Customer Service & Event Team Manager
Gen Con LLC 

Thanks Mike.Rolling my VIG over.  Stay healthy.
Thank for you patience with all of us. See you next year.

Posted by captain_nemo

Thank you to all who tried to promote civility and signal over noise in this thread, and thank you for keeping us as updated as you could.  Sorry to see it, but I understand, and I will be rolling my badge over to help for next year.

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