Quarterly Cons...?
Posted by urielblue

Hey all,

I had a great time at Gencn Online, and while it wasn't as awesome as actually attending in person, it was as great an Online experience as one could hope for, given how quickly they got it together (Kds Gencon crew!).

My question is this: Could Gencon get a quarterly Convention together during this current 'Not In-Person' period? I would happily pay to play3-4 months (Honestly. I'd do it every 3-4 months). Anybody else thinking about a mre frequent happening?

Posted by msteinbo


I hope for some kind of outcome like this.  An "always on" model with a monthly subscription occurred to me, but probably need the downtime to build up hype and event organizers to build and plan content.  I'd sign up for quarterly for sure.  Paying some fractional rate from a physical badge, free badges for event organizers and game masters.  Leverage existing tools, seems super doable.  Rooting for our Gen Con employee friends here and the whole Gen Con organization.  

Posted by cmegus

All in on this idea. Every 3-4 months would be awesome. It would not at all take away from Indy, as this would still only be a taste of the real thing. 

I would definitely buy a badge for online at a reasonable cost and would be good with even 3 days instead of four.


Posted by urielblue

Most events were 2 bucks, I'd hapily pay 5+, with no issue. Gencon could make a bit of money, and the community could stay invigorated.

Posted by qwaserity

4 months after GenCon is the Thanksgiving weekend. I've always supported gaming on Black Friday and with COVID, this year might be the year for a Black Friday online gaming convention. Most of the people I know shop online these days. Last year I was done by Tuesday night.

In short, Black Friday con, November 27 - 29!

Posted by helenbb

Did you guys get the post-con survey? It's pretty clear form the questions that Gen Con is seriously considering making the online version a regular thing. They are looking at the possibility of having it be concurrent with the real con (for those who cannot go to Indy) and also the possibility of having it be 'mid-year'. 

In the meantime,does anyone have any recommendations for other online gaming cons? 

Posted by narzat

I'd play if they had a second online event during the year.  However, I would think that at some point, the brand gets diluted by having too many "best 4 days of gaming" (or whatever the current catch phrase is.)  Plus there probably would be fratricide with other major cons that could reduce attendance if they didn't coordinate schedules well.  

Re other online gaming cons, I can't offer recommendations, but here is a resource I found re what is on offer:  https://www.eventsforgamers.com/events/list/


Posted by helenbb

Thanks for the link!

For those who are missing True Dungeon, they have offered 2 more weekends of their sessions, which are not on sale at td.events .

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