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Capped attendance with rolled over badges
Started by xanathon
Last post by thesuperskrull 60
Charity drop box for unused generics
Started by buffythecatslayer
Last post by aaronmlopez 10
Consignment Store?
Started by mcaramb
Last post by lore seeker 5
Contacting HighProgrammer?
Started by tdb
Last post by newtopblog 6
Convention Hall Map
Started by whisper721
Last post by whisper721 1
Covid Question
Started by geezer
Last post by jackie lou 43
Dear Gencon - Signs about "Designated Areas"
Started by papabees
Last post by kiemeo 6
Did any restaurant replace The Ram or Scotty's (for geekdom atmosphere)?
Started by davidschneider
Last post by ungmar9567 7
Did the VIGs get picked yet or waiting TBD?
Started by sketchsong
Last post by narzat 36
Didn't buy tickets yet, should I still come?
Started by rule of three
Last post by rule of three 9
Don't forget the Charity Partners!
Started by buffythecatslayer
Last post by buffythecatslayer 1
Downtown Hotels
Started by cmegus
Last post by sstalker23 10
Early Gen Con week arrival gaming?
Started by pshep999
Last post by pshep999 18
Ebay at GenCon?
Started by qwaserity
Last post by quarex 4
Started by whisper721
Last post by aceorton 8
Envoy is looking for Digital helpers for Gen Con Online
Started by vehixson26
Last post by rstngdfc 2
Excel online event catalog
Started by selene314
Last post by donaldbain 4
Exhibit Hall Map
Started by bcarter5876
Last post by qwaserity 4
Exhibit Hall question
Started by thesuperskrull
Last post by mikeboozer 8
Exhibit Hall?
Started by brumcg
Last post by quarex 60
Exploding kittens booth?
Started by mcaramb
Last post by roderick 11
First post for 2021!!!
Started by crusader77
Last post by mikeboozer 20
Started by lich365net
Last post by mikeboozer 7
Foreign Attendees
Started by loeil
Last post by colbrook 7
Free Wi-Fi this year?
Started by roanders
Last post by catlin 4
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