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Didn't buy tickets yet, should I still come?
Started by rule of three
Last post by rule of three 9
Early Gen Con week arrival gaming?
Started by pshep999
Last post by pshep999 18
Beer Garden / Kickoff event?
Started by mjhan300
Last post by hahnarama 12
My badge just arrived
Started by hahnarama
Last post by rfsullivan 29
Is there a chance Gen Con could be cancelled?
Started by blueskyy
Last post by helenbb 63
Refund Info
Started by timjs21
Last post by mikeboozer 64
Refund for Event Cancellation
Started by swiftbrook
Last post by nscott 2
Gen Con 2021 masks vendor
Started by qwaserity
Last post by donaldbain 15
Excel online event catalog
Started by selene314
Last post by donaldbain 4
Pokemon tcg
Started by potterplays
Last post by matthias9 5
Gen Con merchandise
Started by pinheadjo
Last post by hahnarama 16
June Health and Safety Update
Started by papabees
Last post by roderick 143
Help at the OddFish Games Booth?
Started by adventurescents
Last post by rwbsfdbg 3
The new survey...
Started by ryric
Last post by vulcanspock 56
Ebay at GenCon?
Started by qwaserity
Last post by quarex 4
Vaccinations at Gen Con?
Started by lore seeker
Last post by burrfoot72 7
Open Gaming forum now available
Started by roderick
Last post by roderick 3
2021 auction / consignment store
Started by danperrault
Last post by kevinrg 18
Auction Room ?
Started by davidschneider
Last post by quarex 13
What Are you Looking foreward too?
Started by whisper721
Last post by rich 46
Envoy is looking for Digital helpers for Gen Con Online
Started by vehixson26
Last post by rstngdfc 2
Is the in-person con in danger?
Started by lore seeker
Last post by kevinrg 27
JW Open Gaming Room
Started by brumcg
Last post by rhtdbgzv 4
Who IS going to be at Gen Con?
Started by dotificus
Last post by quarex 60
Attendance/Badges issued so far?
Started by samlamiam
Last post by quarex 14
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