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Posted by kilowog27

So I am planning on sitting down with the event hall map and marking some places I might spend money. One thing I want to find is T-shirts.

Anybody know of some good vendors with sweet ass fantasy shirts and the like?


Posted by austicke

Besides OffWorld Designs, I don't know the names offhand, but you'll find several in the exhibit hall.

Alec Usticke, Unofficial Gen Con Indy Facebook Discussion Group

Posted by bushmaster

Last year there was a place setup out the entrance nearest the food trucks.

Posted by glory

The "tower of T-shirt" guys are usually there. I think that's what they're called, too. So many shirts!

Posted by alans

Teeturtles has good stuff!

Posted by dwe113

sweet ass tshirts?

Posted by kilowog27

Yeah. Sweet ass t-shirts.

Thanks everyone. Is there much in the way of toddler shirts around?

Posted by williamj01

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