Horrible experience with Pathfinder Society
Posted by crazyccz

Just this morning, 8/19/17, my wife and I were going to do another demo of Starfinder.  While waiting in line a guy came up to see which sessions we played.  We clearly told him and asked if we could try the first session.  Keep in mind this is a free event requiring no tickets.  For no reason he was rude to us and talked to my wife like she was stupid.  I had no more of that and we left.  I love Paizo and have be a big supporter since Pathfinder came out.  However, I find Pathfinder Society to be full of pretentious beaurecrats who don't care about the gaming aspect.  They just want to power up their characters and don't care about playing the actual game.  I used to have fun playing Pathfinder at GenCon in the past.   Now it's been such a hassle and this incident was the last straw.   I won't go back and that's probably for the best.

Posted by parody

Sorry you had a bad time. :(

If you would like to tell the folks in charge of the Society about your experience, you should send an email to [email protected]com.  They aren't necessarily going to see a comment here on the Gen Con forums.

I personally have found PFS to have a broad mix of everything from goofy concept role-players to power gamers, with most folks pretty normal people with pretty middle-of-the-road characters who just want to have a good time.  It helps that there's a lot of good GMs and players in my home area.

I hope you find other fun things to do!


Posted by general lopez

I got in the first demo on Thursday morning at 8am, other then the GM not really knowing the rules it went fine. I understood the game was just released, so I somewhat understood that happening. After that I revisited that area a couple times to ask a question about playing in one of the other adventures, and both times the people running that area were rude. The second time I decided that was enough and never went back there again. First time I ever had a issue with the Pathfinder Society area at Gencon.

Posted by bryanjonker

We had a poor gaming experience in '12 with Pathfinder Society at Gencon (no, I don't have that great of a memory, had to look it up from GMail archives). Emailed the coordinator. He removed/reassigned several GMs from the conventions, including the one we had. 

Letting them know your bad experience helps them improve. 

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