Zoom for First Exposure
Posted by brewski

Question about First Exposure,
          Zoom states that the free version only has 40 minute meetings. Will players get kicked after 40 minutes and have to rejoin another session?
           Do I need to have a purchased version of Zoom to be able to play uninterrupted?

Posted by selene314

I believe only the host needs a purchased version.

Posted by kikoya

[This post has been removed]

Posted by buffythecatslayer

What the hell is it with these idiots spamming our boards?  It's not exactly like we have a huge number of active users, especially right now as we wait for word on the new Con.

Dude, get an f'ing life and go bother them on Facebook.

Posted by roderick

I've ben playing whackamole with 'em. 

Posted by dukejohn

Sorry, accidental CBP (click by puppy).

Posted by buffythecatslayer dukejohn

dukejohn wrote:Sorry, accidental CBP (click by puppy).

Check your Amazon orders.  The last time Buffy got to the computer, she ordered several "questionable" items...

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