Press badge application process
Posted by captainraffi


I was trying to get some information on applying for badges as a media outlet. I found the policies page, but no link to an application or steps for the process. With pre-registration on Friday and the hotel block opening on Sunday I was hoping to find out how it worked so I didn't miss out on either. I have emailed customer service and left a voicemail, but have received no response. Thanks!

Posted by marimaccadmin

  • Press applications and the press review process for Gen Con 2016 will begin on January 22. Gen Con's Marketing Communications team will review applications rapidly during the window between the application going live on January 22 and the early morning of January 24 to ensure accredited press receive badge credentials prior to Housing Registration. 
  • If you have not received an update on your applications status after late morning on Sunday you will want to go ahead and purchase your 4-day badge and book your housing.  If your application is approved subsequently, we will refund your 4-day badge purchase. 

Posted by captainraffi

Thank you very much much! I appreciate it.

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