Best vendors for D&D 3.5 books
Posted by mfield


Which are the best vendors to check out for D&D 3.5 books? Any suggestions?


Posted by austicke

Games Plus

Also the auction. I'd love to hear of others as well.

Posted by donaldbain

HAlf Price Books has a booth and they usually have some.

Posted by owlnuttree

There was this place right in the armpit of the big L that is the dealer's room, that had allll the graybooks back in '18 and '19. I picked up stuff that I had been looking for for years at good prices. I don't remember the name but if anyone else remembers please chime in

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Posted by wells

Specific books or do you just need more copies of the PHB, etc. for your group? Specific I would seek out the vendors, generic I would hit the auction, it will be cheaper.

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