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Trouble Purchasing a Four Day Badge
Started by pmcginness
Last post by mikeboozer 3
True Dungeon Ticket Pickup
Started by iam477
Last post by mikeboozer 5
Trying to buy a Trade Day Badge, constant crashing.
Started by [email protected]
Last post by mikeboozer 7
Trying to get ahold of customer service.
Started by shaka808
Last post by shaka808 5
Uber/Lyft Cost
Started by nascragman
Last post by mollymolly 6
Unable to go after refund deadline
Started by kalila
Last post by garhkal 29
Vendor information needed!
Started by madmaxneo
Last post by helenbb 2
View Reservation Button Error
Started by canine10
Last post by mikeboozer 2
VIG Badges 2017
Started by mjhan300
Last post by donstermu 22
VIG Companion badge question
Started by binia
Last post by austicke 4
VIGs Trapped
Started by bobooton
Last post by bobooton 1
Waiting Room frozen?
Started by tythis
Last post by austicke 5
Website Request: Schedule
Started by penguin001
Last post by austicke 6
Wednesday Will call
Started by roshz
Last post by samlamiam 7
Weekend only passes?
Started by turbostar
Last post by starlin 6
What are Convention hours for Aug 1, 2019?
Started by awyldknght
Last post by kd8esu 4
What does the badge get me aside from entry?
Started by geekouts
Last post by quarex 7
What happens with event registration if I buy a friends badge?
Started by jmiller1138
Last post by mikeboozer 4
What if I change my mind?
Started by paladinhero2000
Last post by mikeboozer 5
What's the music / noise level at Gen Con?
Started by videogamerdad
Last post by austicke 7
Will call wait times/procedures
Started by kjamma4
Last post by quarex 12
Wish lists on differnt GEN CON accounts than badge purchaser
Started by jpaulchell_15
Last post by mikeboozer 3
Wishlist overlaps
Started by grey413
Last post by austicke 11
Wishlist to Cart Permanence
Started by d351
Last post by aegoce 7
Won a badge in a drawing after previously purchasing one
Started by laika_1
Last post by aaronr 2
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