Dead games society
Posted by brewski

Is this group still around.
I was a member in the old forums. 
with Xwing going to 2.0, I'm making plans for next year possibly.
Hosting some classic Xwing events.

Posted by deadsaidfred

Interesting - were these events "official" or were they more meet-up type things?  We've got a few games from the 1980s we enjoy - Kings & Things and I'm starting back through Magic Realm...

Posted by brewski

They were official events. In the old forums, when you part of a group, you had an Icon or like badge.
Theirs was a cartoonish skull. 
When Gen Con went to the new forums, it all became what you see now. Basic text, low flash.

Posted by brewski

Found the DGS guys on Facebook. They haven't been to GC since 2012 due to the expense.  They have been doing event at other conventions.

Posted by scudaxel

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