6 pm? Where are the players?
Posted by qwaserity

Hello all! First year hosting at GenCon though I've done other cons before.

I'm running the D&D Monster Mash (with Ottawa Red Shirts blessing) in tabletop simulator. I'm running the event on Thursday and Friday at 3, 6 and 9. I'm almost or completely sold out at 3 and 9 but 6 pm is having trouble getting players. Is there something awesome going on at 6 or it is Eastern Standard Time dinnertime? Why is 6 PM hard to fill?

Is anyone else having one or two slots that aren't filling up as quickly? I have enough players to run the events but the difference is 4 players versus 10 players.

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Posted by lativius

Any chance the Red Shirts and Monster Mash return to Gencon in 2021?

Posted by qwaserity

Good question. I'm going to peruse my emails from last year and find out from the Red Shirts if they are coming.

Posted by qwaserity

The Red Shirts got back to me. No Monster Mash this year. Last year I hosted it in GenCon online / tabletop simulator but I’m going to Indy this year.

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Posted by davidson02

Hey, there. I missed the Red Shirts 2021. I hope there's a comeback this 2022.

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