Audio/Video Questions
Posted by kertdawg

This will be my first time hosting a seminar at GenCon.  I'm not sure what to expect for A/V equipment.  I requested video for a slideshow.  I expected a relatively low turnout, and I thought it'd be optional to show a few photos.  The registration is a LOT higher that I expected, so I'm thinking about making sure everyone can see and hear.

Is there guidance on this kind of thing?  What video projection and microphone equipment will be available?  I'll be in ICC 212, which I believe is usually a relatively high-tech room.

Thanks for any info!  This will be fun!

Posted by derekguder

If you requested A/V and didn't receive a follow-up, you should be all set. But you can email [email protected] with your event ID to double-check and confirm. We will also be able to confirm what specific equipment will be set up in the room.

Derek Guder
Director of Events
Gen Con LLC

Posted by kertdawg

Thank you!

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